Request for info on Dell and Windows Server SP1 on SBS

To help us pinpoint the root issue with reports of Dell servers getting a BSOD when installing Windows Server 2003 SP1, if you do have a machine in this state, please call SBS PSS and report this issue. We will ask for a dump file (which may take some time to copy) and then help…


What does RTM/RTW mean? (Part 2)

When last we left our intrepid release manager, we had a Bill of Materials for all of our SKUs. Now the development team has finished writing and testing the code – what else is there to do, you ask? Plenty! First, in order to get the software team to the point where they even can sign…

SBS SP1 is done!

On Thursday I sent mail to the entire SBS development team announcing that we have now officially released SBS SP1 in all of our 18 languages! The Redmond SBS team is now focused on the next releases of SBS – and taking a well deserved holiday break. 🙂