SBS fixes

The SBS Exchange SP1 QFE is now online and available at (and is now available in all 18 languages - sorry for the delay in that).

The other big update that is in the pipeline is our XP SP2 compatibility fix. This is in testing right now - we're investigating making this update available through Windows Update so all SBS 2003 customers become aware of it. Our plan is to make it available same day (or earlier) than XP SP2 becomes available. The main thing this will do is modify the group policy on the server to allow the ICF firewall on XP and 2000 clients, and to pre-set certain exceptions on clients through group policy.

Otherwise, I haven't got much news to report

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  1. John Thorpe says:

    Funny how people want different things…. I actually thought it was bad you only needed the username, because a potential hacker wanting information on your environment only had to put in ‘administrator’ with any password, and the interface dutifully fills in the domain name for you! After all information is power in this business… When I saw this had stopped I thought you had actually fixed the problem. Now you’ve patched it to allow it to happen again. Does nobody care about security these days? All this because users can’t be bothered to type a few more characters when logging on – I bet all your passwords are short dictionary words as well!

    Also now the service pack has been applied I always get a warning when logging on about there being a mixture of secure and insecure items on the page. If I click ‘Yes’ the padlock disappears and I presume I am now fully "insecure". If it click ‘No’ then the functionality does not appear to be altered, but I keep the SSL icon. What is that all about? It never did it before the SP was applied!

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