How Do I Use the Functions Provided in This Blog

In my last blog post; I mentioned that I would give you more information on how you could import these functions. I didnt create a module for it so you cannot use Import-Module yet for it; what I'm doing right now is I'm creating Verb-Noun.ps1 file and copy-paste my function in it with the same name (function Verb-Noun{} ) and I put these files under c:\ps\library folder










In order to be able to run these functions every time you open a new Powershell window you need to edit your Powershell profile. Powershell console and GUI versions has both their own profile files so you need to edit them both; simply type "notepad $profile" in Powershell and start editing your profile

I added the following line so that all files under C:\ps\library will be dotted during profile execution before you see actual prompt

gci c:\ps\library | %{. $_.pspath}





Probably in the end I'll find myself creating a module for this:) 

Cheers, CanD

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