Change OMS Log Analytics Retention Period in the Azure Portal

Where previously you could only change the retention settings for OMS Log Analytics using PowerShell, now you can do it using the Azure Portal.

The Log Analytics retention settings allow you to configure a minimum of 31 days (if not using a free tier) up to 730 days.

Login to  then go to Log Analytics, select your workspace name, then select Retention. Slide the bar to your desired number of days, then save it!

You can find more information on pricing here:

Comments (4)

  1. Nicholas Noor says:

    As you are aware when you go to the OMS dashboard, you will see a box at the bottom stating retention period: 31 days. But when you go to the upper right corner and see your subscription and the plan you chose, it says 365 days, now which part of the information is correct?

    1. Hi Nicholas, I’m not sure where you mean. But on the dashboard when you click on your “Data Plan” it will show your retention period accurately.

  2. Alfonso says:


    Can you share how to change the retention period via powershell?

    1. Hi Alfonso, you can use this blog to call the correct resource.

      When I have some time I’ll write one.

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