OMS Assessments and Performance data not showing

I signed up for a preview access to the SCOM Assessment in OMS to criticise it, (let's be honest). As a PFE I do health assessments for SCOM all the time and I was curious to see what I can now get for free using a trial subscription for OMS.

After configuring as required, and waiting the 4hours+  to get my results, I still saw no data in my Assessment.

Investigating it further, I saw a bunch of Event ID 4506 in my Operations Manager logs. In a SCOM agent that normally means that is too much data in the workflow, and it gets dropped. My events looked like this:

Log Name:     Operations Manager
Source:       HealthService
Date:         8/25/2016 3:16:40 PM
Event ID:     4506
Task Category: None
Level:         Error
Keywords:     Classic
User:         N/A
Computer:     SCOM.contoso
Description: Data was dropped due to too much outstanding data in rule "Microsoft.IntelligencePack.LogManagement.Collection.PerformanceCounter.ID0EZABAAA" running for instance "SCOM.contoso" with id:"{CF532894-BDE3-434F-9AB3-7135F94CDD7F}" in management group "LAB2".


The agent for OMS works the same way as the SCOM agent (in fact, it is the same, but the OMS agent is always more up to date). The SCOM assessment though uses the Management Service Health service. The workflow dropped stated in the event is  "Microsoft.IntelligencePack.LogManagement.Collection.PerformanceCounter.ID0EZABAAA"  which is an OMS rule in one of the OMS management packs.
To resolve this I increased the queues for the OMS Management group:
HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\HealthService\Parameters\Persistence Checkpoint Depth Maximum;
New Value = 104857600
Type = DWORD

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\HealthService\Parameters\Management Groups\AdvisorMonitorV2\MaximumQueueSizeKb
New Value = 204800
Type = DWORD

Then restart the health service/Microsoft Monitoring Agent.

PS.: SCOM OMS Assessment is awesome!

Comments (2)

  1. Frederik says:

    Hi Rafaela,

    The SCOM Assessment is no longer visible in the OMS Solutions Gallery. Any idea what happened? I was really looking forward to this.



    1. Previews are no longer displayed in OMS solutions, it will be there when it’s GA.

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