If you’re looking to ramp on Skype for Business On Premises here are some useful resources well worth a visit

Hi all

in my job as a PFE I spend a lot of time teaching workshops on a variety of Skype/Lync components. One of the resources I generally hand out when students complete the course is a big list of resources I recommend they have a look at to help them on their journey to obtaining Lync masterdom. I am still on the journey, but these resources have definitely helped me out along the way. For Skype, the list is a work in progress as we will see more and more content come out as it is produced.

Skype for Business has RTM'd Yehhhh:)

I put together a Lync and Lync Online of resources in previous blogs so wanted to include here as well:

Happy Skype/Lync'ing



Ignite Conference:

Useful Resources:

Skype for Business Updates:

Client Resources:

Networking Resources:

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