Migrating your Modeling artifacts to RC

No, the RC for VS2010 has not yet hit the wire, but it will be very soon. 🙂 One of the great things about the Beta2 version of Visual Studio 2010 was the fact that the TFS server as well as all the client side products came with a “Go Live” license. Well the RC…


UML Profiles and Visual Studio 2010: Part Two

Ok, so I was just sitting down, getting ready to write a nice long post about how to create your own UML Profiles when I discovered just how great the MSDN documentation is on this very subject. So instead of trying to recreate that work, please check out the docs found here. Kudos to our…


UML Profiles and Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate: Part One

[NOTE: This post is part of a blog series, the start of which is here.]   Happy new year! 🙂   Recently, I’ve had a few questions around how UML Profiles are supported in VS 2010, so figured I’d start the new year with a post about that. By now, you’ve all got the Beta2…


VS2010 Beta 2 Feedback Survey

Following up on my last post, Jason Zander has actually created a simple survey that would be great if you could take. Check out his post here, or go directly to that survey from here. This type of feedback absolutely helps us create the best product we can, so we very much appreciate your time…


Providing Feedback

By now, you’ve pulled down the Beta2 bits and have started exploring. ( No you say? Please check this post for details on how to get the bits…. ) You may have questions, want to express concerns, find bugs and want to report them, or in general just look for more venues where topics specific…


Custom Toolbox Items

[NOTE: This post is part of a blog series, the start of which is here.] When defining layer diagrams for your organization, or various other modeling concepts and diagrams that you want to make available to your team, you can of course simply check in those diagrams to your version control system, such as Team…


DSL SDK for Visual Studio 2010 Beta2 Released

Jean-Marc has just posted some great details on the Beta2 version of the DSL SDK. The amount of capabilities that have gone into the DSL Toolkit this version has been great to see. That team has done a fantastic job of increasing the power of what a DSL created via the toolkit can get done….


Lovett is Blogging!

Chris Lovett, an architect on my team who has a glorious and long history with Microsoft, has finally joined the blogosphere! His expertise is all things .NET, but in particular he knows the code behind the new DGML graphs and dependency diagrams that are new in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate. His first two posts are…


“First-time Experience” with Arch Tools

[NOTE: This post is part of a blog series, the start of which is here.]   Ok, you’ve downloaded the Beta 2 bits of Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4. Now you want to explorer the new Modeling and Visualization tools. This post will help you make those first couple of steps. 1) Launch…


Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Beta 2!!!

Ok, it has been a little while since I blogged last, but it is for good reason, and now’s the time to show you why. The entire Visual Studio team, including my own, have been working extremely hard to get the Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 release squared away, and I’m very pleased to announce…