New version of the Architecture Guidance

I’m a bit tardy in passing this information along, but the Rangers have recently ( April 18th ) released a new version of the Architecture Guidance. Check out Willy’s post for more details, or go and download it directly here. A bunch of great prescriptive guidance on how to use the modeling and visualization capabilities…


Visual Studio 2010 SP1 Released

Lots of news today, as we have release the first service pack to Visual Studio 2010. At the same time, the teams are making available a new Feature Pack the enables a much tighter integration between Team Foundation Server and Project Server. Please see Brian Harry’s blog for details on the TFS and Project Server…


Manipulating DGML Styles

Chris Lovett has created another fantastic video that explains the ins and outs of manipulating the look and feel of DGML documents via the <Styles> markup capabilities that shipped with Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate. Check it out here. Absolutely fantastic!


IntelliTrace and unfamiliar code

One of the many great things about the new IntelliTrace feature in Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 is the ability to walk up to a code base you are not familiar with and determine where to set your first break point. How many times have you walked up to some code you’ve never modified with the…


Documentation Refresh

The MSDN Library of documentation has been updated. Along with new content discussing the new features in the Visualization and Modeling Feature Pack, the page on Extending UML Models and Diagrams has been updated, and a number of new articles / whitepapers have been published: · Customizing Team Foundation Server Project Portals · Dynamic Performance…


Great blog Posts on Architecture Tools in VS2010 Ultimate

Jennifer Marsman has created a series of posts that capture the essence of my talks that I did on that last launch tour. Check out this one, this one, and this one. She does a great job of capturing the details of my talk, which shouldn’t be too surprising, as she was forced to listen…


Sequence Diagram RE, LINQ, and Lambdas

The Sequence Diagram Reverse Engineering feature available in Visual Studio 2010 allows you to create a UML 2.1 “like” diagram that represents your source code. I say “like” in the previous sentence because we use all the notation prescribed by the UML standard, but there are a few instances where we add some notation that…


Sequence Diagram RE and WCF

I got a number of great questions in last weeks launch tour. One of those questions was a general need to understand how the various dependency analysis features in VS 2010 Ultimate worked vis-a-vis WCF services, and whether there was support for walking across the service boundaries to discover further dependencies on the other side….


Free VS2010 Training

The amount of new features that we have enabled in VS2010 is simply staggering. Scott Guthrie just put out a great post summarizing most of the new IDE and .NET features we just shipped yesterday. Check it out here. That post doesn’t even touch all the new things we shipped on the ALM side of…


Upgrade tool and VSVMSDK Available now!

Not only is Visual Studio itself launching today, but a couple of supporting deliverables are also now available that I wanted to make sure you were made aware of. If you created models ( UML, Sequence Diagram RE, or Layer Diagrams ) with the Beta2 version of Visual Studio, or created work item links to…