New version of the Architecture Guidance

I’m a bit tardy in passing this information along, but the Rangers have recently ( April 18th ) released a new version of the Architecture Guidance. Check out Willy’s post for more details, or go and download it directly here. A bunch of great prescriptive guidance on how to use the modeling and visualization capabilities…


More Docs Updated

Our UE ( User Education ) team is constantly updating our documentation on MSDN. This last month is no exception. Be sure to check out the details here on Patrick’s blog about the latest updates. Lot’s of about T4 templates and extending our UML Models and Diagrams, as well as more clarification of work on…

XMI Support in VS2010

A few folks have pinged me in regards to the fact that I didn’t include XMI Export as part of the first “Feature Pack” I mentioned in this post, and whether or not I just missed or what. No, I didn’t just forget to put it in there, the fact is it’s just not ready…


Save a diagram to Image File

I’ve been asked a couple of times now about how to save one of our UML diagrams out to an image file. We don’t have a menu item that does that exact thing in the diagrams themselves. We of course support a select-all, copy, then paste which satisfies most, but a few customers have been…


Custom Profile Properties

[NOTE: This post is part of a blog series, the start of which is here.]   I got a number of questions around VS2010’s ability to support custom stereotype properties that could be included with a custom profile. Questions ranging from “hey, can I modify existing stereotype properties that you ship in the box?” to…


UML Profiles and Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate: Part One

[NOTE: This post is part of a blog series, the start of which is here.]   Happy new year! 🙂   Recently, I’ve had a few questions around how UML Profiles are supported in VS 2010, so figured I’d start the new year with a post about that. By now, you’ve all got the Beta2…


Custom Toolbox Items

[NOTE: This post is part of a blog series, the start of which is here.] When defining layer diagrams for your organization, or various other modeling concepts and diagrams that you want to make available to your team, you can of course simply check in those diagrams to your version control system, such as Team…

UML Request For Information

As you undoubtedly know by now, Microsoft joined the OMG a couple months back. Our own Steve Cook has been representing Microsoft at a number of OMG meetings, the latest occurring last week in Santa Clara. Coming out of that last meeting is a new Request For Information ( RFI ) for UML, found here….


The UML Model Explorer

In the VSTS 2010 Architecture product, we’ve added another toolwindow to VS designed to help you understand and manipulate the UML models that you will be building. The UML Model Explorer ( that’s what we’re currently calling it, but that can certainly change 🙂 ) is a WPF component that represents the UML Package hierarchy…


RadioTFS Broadcast

I had the opportunity to sit with the guys at RadioTFS and talk about the good stuff coming in the Architecture Edition in VSTS 2010. Check it out!