DSL SDK for Visual Studio 2010 Beta2 Released

Jean-Marc has just posted some great details on the Beta2 version of the DSL SDK. The amount of capabilities that have gone into the DSL Toolkit this version has been great to see. That team has done a fantastic job of increasing the power of what a DSL created via the toolkit can get done….


I try not to do this too much, but wanted to make sure you folks saw a couple of posts that were especially relevant. Visual Studio Team System 2010 Development Edition Brian Harry just posted about the Visual Studio Team System 2010 Development Edition that you’ve gotta check out. He points out a few of…


Visual Studio 2010 and DSL Toolkit SDK Beta Now Available

The Visual Studio platform team has just announced the availability of the VS 2010 SDK beta! This is great stuff, and includes lots of new features around the new Editor that is part of 2010, as well as the new work we have poured into the DSL Toolkit. Here’s a link to the SDK. One…


DSL Multiple Views example and other links

Mr. Provost was recently interviewed by the ElegantCode folks. Find that podcast here. Wanted to make people aware of the excellent work two of our MVPs ( Pascal Recchia and Anthony Guerot ) have done recently with the DSL Toolkit. Checkout this great article on how they have manipulated the DSL API in order to…


DSL + UML = Pragmatic Modeling

There has been some speculation in the press recently around Microsoft’s commitment to DSLs now that we are planning on supporting five UML 2.1 diagrams in the Rosario release ( Class, Use Case, Component, Sequence, and Activity diagrams ). Specifically, some articles have been written in a way to lead the reader towards a perception…