Latest Videos and Info on VS11 Visualization Tooling

Wanted to make you folks aware of a few new videos that have been recently made showing the latest capabilities in the recently released beta for Visual Studio. I just recently recorded a ~30 minute piece on the Visual Studio Toolbox site. Consider this video a refresher of the bits ( for those who weren’t…


Manipulating DGML Styles

Chris Lovett has created another fantastic video that explains the ins and outs of manipulating the look and feel of DGML documents via the <Styles> markup capabilities that shipped with Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate. Check it out here. Absolutely fantastic!


Work Item Visualization CodePlex Project

Mr. Levinson, one of our MVPs that has really been taking advantage of the new tooling in VS2010 has just made available a code plex project that visualizes Team Foundation Server Work Items using our DGML technology now in 2010. Check it out here. Nice work Jeff! 🙂 Cameron


Visualizing large code bases with VS2010

Chris Lovett has just posted a *great* video on how to manage larger code bases with the new visualization tools in VS2010. He shows techniques on how to use the “Custom…” dialog ( below ) to control how a DGML document is created as well as numerous techniques involving the cascading browser we call the…


Controlling the DGML Double-Click

You folks are making it quite easy to come up with blog ideas. I just sit and wait for questions to come in. If more than one question comes in on the same topic, I’m going to post it! So here’s another. I’ve recently been asked a few times how to control what happens when…


Lovett is Blogging!

Chris Lovett, an architect on my team who has a glorious and long history with Microsoft, has finally joined the blogosphere! His expertise is all things .NET, but in particular he knows the code behind the new DGML graphs and dependency diagrams that are new in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate. His first two posts are…


DGML, Containers, and VSTS 2010 Architecture Rendering

I previously pointed out how easy it was to manipulate and then render a .dgml file in the upcoming VSTS 2010 Architecture product. I want to continue that discussion by showing how easy it is to indicate to the product that you need to see nodes contained inside another, and a few other niceties along…


Directed Graph Markup Language ( DGML )

In this previous post I introduced you to the new format, and then this follow on post showed some of the examples of how the format is used to back some common graphs you can expect in the product. In this post, I’m going to talk about a couple ways of controlling how links are…


Visualize Java Code

In this last post I introduced you to some *very* basic understanding of how DGML works. Now I want to take that knowledge out for a test drive. 🙂 What I’ve decided to do is a couple of things. I’ve decided I’m going to show how to visualize Java code using Antlr and Visual Studio…


Introduction to Directed Graph Markup Language ( DGML )

DGML, or "Directed Graph Markup Language" is what we are using in VSTS 2010 Architecture to render graphs like the one below:   The power of DGML is in its simplicity. Let me show you what I mean. If you launch the VSTS 2010 CTP, open a project, click View->Architecture Explorer, then click the button…