Visualization and Modeling Feature Pack is now Available!

I gave you a sneak peek about this new feature pack here, but I am now very happy to announce that the final release of Visualization and Modeling Feature Pack for VS2010 Ultimate is now available.

For you active MSDN subscribers, go download the feature pack from here as soon as you can, ‘cause it is chalk full of some great functionality.

Jason Zander has just announced the availability during his TechEd keynote speech in New Orleans, and has also blogged about this and the availability of the Visual Studio 2010 Pro Power Tools.

I will be blogging about the Feature Pack features in more detail in the days ahead, so stay tuned, and happy downloading! 🙂


Comments (17)

  1. Nevermind says:

    Very nice news, thanks for all developers!

  2. Maciej says:


    Why isn't that feature pack available to BizSpark members? I am a BizSpark member and would really like to see, whether that pack really provides code generation features, that I need. UNtil now, I must use several workarounds found in web to create code out of the UML modelling of VS 2010 Ultimate.



  3. Mohamed Omar says:

    Very Cooool 🙂

    Is this Feature Pack will be available for public or itis ONLY MSDN subscribers ?

  4. Only active MSDN subscribers. Please see Brian Harry's post on this here:…/what-on-earth-is-a-feature-pack.aspx

  5. @Maciej: As a Bizspark member, you do get access to VS Ultimate and MSDN, so you do get access to the Feature Pack as a result. That said, there was a bug in the subscriber downloads that stopped you from getting access to it, but that is now fixed. Please try again to download the Feature Pack via your MSDN account you've received via your Bizspark membership.

    And sorry for the confusion!


  6. Daniel says:

    Will there be a download for Dreamspark / MSDN-AA (Developer-AA) Members?



  7. Yes. You should see "Visual Studio 2010 Visualization & Modeling Feature Pack (x86 and x64) – (English) " entry in the Visual Studio download page. 🙂

  8. Mark L says:

    Hey Cameron, two things. "For you active MSDN subscribers" – no, it's ONLY for those who've got the Ultimate edition.

    Secondly, WTF? Why is this restricted? Sure it extends the Ultimate edition so everyone who uses it is going to "have" the right MSDN sub eventually. But what if I want to TRY it? I can d/l a trial version of Ultimate so why can't I trial this feature pack with it?

    This stinks. Along with the ridiculous amount of money you are charging us for the priveledge of having access to the (really really useful) tools in the Ultimate Edition in the first place.

    I don't see why you haven't just put this on the VS Gallery, since I'd have to pay for Ultimate long term if I wanted to keep using the Feature Pack anyway. In effect if I install this into a trial version of Ultimate, then my install of the Feature Pack would be a trial as well, right?


  9. VS Ultimate is our premier tool for development – our most complete toolset.  To ensure that a developer has everything they need to be successful VS Ultimate is sold with a companion MSDN subscription.  This includes many benefits to help you get the best out of the product and open up the full range of scenarios e.g. Azure hours, Other MSFT Servers, TFS, Support incidents, Expression, VS Test Pro, …  

    Several of these elements can be trialed separately but many require an active MSDN subscription, the Feature Packs are a benefit that fall into this category.

    It’s clearly a tradeoff and one we don’t take lightly – we have a huge track record of incredibly accessible developer tools.  Being an active MSDN subscriber indicates that you have a strong commitment to our tools and platform and we want to reward these customers.  As a result these customers are the only ones who get access to Feature Packs (Power Tools go to all customers).  Another input is that there is a cost implication to any Feature Pack we release as they are fully supported that is part of our ‘customer promise’ another part of the promise is that we will include the feature in the product moving forward.  So over time these features will be included in trials – however – today and until that point they are reserved for our most committed customers (active MSDN subscribers).

  10. Mark L says:

    Hi Cameron, thanks for the explanation. It's clear that there are some really good reasons for the restriction, as you mention.

    However, as a Gold Partner, my organisation DOES have an MSDN subscription. Which as you mention comes with attendant product support benefits, etc, etc. However, as a partner, we were not upgraded to the Ultimate subscription, so we only have the Premium release currently.

    Now, I'd LIKE to be able to evaluate the new feature pack in concert with the evaluation I'm currently doing on the RTM features of Ultimate, with a view to purchasing some licenses of Ultimate, and their associated MSDN subscriptions, but I can't because you've made the feature pack an MSDN (actually MSDN ULTIMATE) only download.

    I really don't see why you can't release it generally, since the only ones who can use it either HAVE an MSDN Ultimate sub already, or are evaluating Ultimate, in which case the feature pack will not be usable once their trial period has expired.

    Surely if someone makes a support call, Product Support Services will tell them at the time whether they can support the pack or not, based on whether the caller has an appropriate MSDN sub? After all, following your logic, VS2010 Ultimate would never be available in a trial version either…



  11. John P says:

    Hey Cameron,

    I am loving the functionality of DGML and have been looking for a good graphing tool. It would be very useful if we can host the DGML Visual surface in our applications (the same way you can host the Workflow Designer in your app). How can you do this? Is there a guide or video somewhere on it?



  12. Sorry John, there is currently no supported way to do this. This is however a common request that we hear quite a bit. We're working through planning issues for the next version of Visual Studio now, and this is certainly on the product back log.

  13. Bjørn-Anders F says:


    We're a team of about 10 developers running VS2010 Ultimate and see a great potential for doing requirements modeling and iteration planning combining Work Items and Architecture modeling.

    We see the use of 'model to Work Item' linking, but really need the 'Work Item to model' link for requirement traceability and (iteration) task follow-up. But the downside is that this is supported by the Feature Pack requiring what you call active MSDN subscription.

    This single feature should really be available to all Ultimate users and our first thought was that this "missing link" must be a "bug"! All our distributed team members do not have the required MSDN Subscription.



  14. Well, the good news is that part of the promise of the Feature Pack concept is that the capabilities you see in the pack, such as the work item to model element link, will surface in the next major version of Visual Studio.

  15. Simon de Kraa says:

    I'm having the same problem that Mark has. I was looking for evaluating the code generation from UML diagrams in VS 2010 but do not have access to the Visualization and Modeling Feature Pack. We do have MSDN but not MSDN Ultimate. So no way to evaluate the Visualization and Modeling Feature Pack.

  16. Matthew says:

    Hi, I'm a bit late to this conversation, but I don't think it will ever be too late if this FP can generate dependency graphs of c++ files.

    Im a student at an MSDNAA(Academic Alliance)-subscribing UK University, and I have an MSDNAA account (I don't think its the same type as Daniel's question above).

    Do you know if it is possible for me to get this Feature Pack?

    Many thanks.

  17. @Matthew – Yes, I believe your MSDNAA account does get you access to the MSDN ultimate subscription benefits, which gets you access to the Feature Pack

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