Launch tour summary

Jennifer Marsman, Developer Evangelist extraordinaire, has just blogged about the recent launch tour she organized. She was an absolute task master during this tour, making sure all details were covered and accounted for! It was a fantastic experience!

She’s made available the power point deck I used for the 19 talks I gave ( my voice still hasn’t recovered! ), as well as the demo solution I used ( a derivative of the PetShop 4 code base ).

I really can’t wait to participate in another tour of this kind, as I simply *love* getting in front of folks to talk about bits my team and I have poured our hearts and souls into. Even better is to see the looks on faces as realization of how much these new capabilities will help in their everyday. Love it!

My next public talk will be a launch keynote down in San Francisco on May 20th, so if you are around the Hyatt Regency on that day, drop by and say hello!



Comments (2)

  1. Dave Massy says:


    Thanks for posting the slides and giving us access to the PetShop demo solution. Brian Keller and I were having a conversation about my thoughts around all of the demo solutions being used across Microsoft for demoing the ALM tools.

    Please standardize on 1 sample.

    This blog post is the first time I’ve ever heard of PetShop.

    I love the UML tools in 2010. Nice job.

  2. Dave Massy says:


    Just downloaded the Pet Shop 4 application. Why are you demoing the Architecture Tools using a VS2 2005 .NET 2.0 Application? Using this sample application means upgrading the solution files to 2010 (which may break things).

    Can you post the sample application Doug Seven used in his channel9 video on the architecture tools?

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