Beta2 to RC Upgrade tool available

As I alluded to here, we want to make sure your migration from beta2 to RC goes smoothly. In order to make that transition as smooth as possible, I’m happy to announce a simple command line tool that will automatically upgrade your beta2 modeling projects and diagrams up to the latest bits found the RC build we just released.

So if you have created a modeling project with Beta2, please go grab the upgrade tool here.

That link will take you to a page on the Visual Studio Gallery, giving you a short description of what the tool is, and of course giving you a down load link that will pull the tool to your machine.

As always, please keep the feedback coming, and have fun with the RC bits!


Comments (2)

  1. Jaewoo Ahn says:

    Hi, Cameron.

    I downloaded the tool and it works, thanks!

    Anyway, do we need same upgrade process from RC to RTM?

    Can we expect which one of following?

    1. No upgrade is necessary.

    2. Required, but VS do it for us automatically when loading old RC projects?

    3. Required, and you’ll provide same upgrade utility like this.

  2. I don’t believe we have made any changes that will require the upgrade tool going from RC to the final RTM build.

    However, if there are changes, we will most certainly provide this tool again, so please feel safe to create modeling projects and diagrams using the RC build with no fear in regards to upgrading to the RTM / final VS2010 build.

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