There is a new Team System user group designed to bring people together from all areas of the globe. Why is "Team System User Group ( TSUG ) Virtual Edition ( VE )" different?

"We have different regional meetings each month targeting different time zones around the globe. The meetings work cooperatively but offer different content and topics.  By joining TSUG you can attend any or all of the different regional meetings based on the topics and meeting times best for you."

I'll be signing up to talk at an upcoming meeting ( date TBD ), so stay tuned.




I had beers recently with one of the organizers of TSUG-VE, Thomas Schissler ( far right ). Great beer, great food, great company! Can you name the MVPs? 🙂


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  1. TGroener says:

    Ok, I know two of them. The person on your right is Neno Loje (http://www.teamsystempro.com/about/default.aspx) and the second person on your left is a colleque of mine, Scott Munro (http://www.logica.com).

    Greetz from Germany


    P.S.: Nice keynote at TeamConf in Munic.

  2. Manuel says:

    And the person across from you on the other side of the table, which is not looking into the camera, is me, Manuel Brueckner from Avanade. I will send you the picture I have made as soon as I have your mail adress 😉



  3. Tomas Scott says:

    And the man in the beard is Ognjen Bajic

  4. Way to go! You guys nailed it!



  5. rpk103 says:

    Anyone have an email address on Thomas Schissler?   My name is John Shissler from the US and today is the first I have ever seen someone from Germany with the same (OK – nearly matching…) surname, so I have a basic genealogical interest.  I also work with computers for my employment.

  6. Adron says:


    That’s a proper user group right there.  Beer, beer, and more beer.

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