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As you undoubtedly know by now, Microsoft joined the OMG a couple months back. Our own Steve Cook has been representing Microsoft at a number of OMG meetings, the latest occurring last week in Santa Clara. Coming out of that last meeting is a new Request For Information ( RFI ) for UML, found here. An OMG RFI is basically a formal request designed to elicit feedback around a particular issue. In this case, about UML itself, how you use it today, how you'd like to use it, etc. For example, here are some questions in that RFI:

  • For what purposes does your organization currently use UML?
  • What parts of UML do you use (e.g. what diagrams)?
  • What is preventing your organization from getting more value from UML?
  • For what purposes would your organizations like to use UML in the future?

This RFI is targeting any and all users of UML, or people who are looking to use UML in the future. Please take the time to review this RFI and respond if at all possible. The gist of this RFI is "Hey folks, how can the OMG make the UML better?"

If you are not interested in sending a formal response to the OMG, then at least send some comments to me.



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