Sticky Toolbox

I wanted to make folks aware of a seemingly small but quite important new feature found in the toolbox for any of the new diagram types in the 2010 Architecture product. ( This is also a feature that all new designers built with the DSL toolkit can enjoy as well! ) It is important as it makes dropping many new elements of the same type much easier. You simply "double-click" on a toolbox element, which puts you into "sticky" mode, allowing you to drop that selected element as many times as you'd like. To get out of this mode, you hit the ESC key, or right click in the diagram area.

Here's a little video that shows this feature in action. The video shows what a single click does in the toolbox, drag & drop from the toolbox, and then a double-click in the toolbox.

Small and simple, but does make a difference. Enjoy!

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  2. In my last post , I began talking about the logical structure of the VSTS 2010 Architecture product.

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