Lap around VSTS 2010 PDC session available

I gave a talk in front of over 1000 people at the PDC this last Monday. That was absolutely a blast!

That talk is now available to be viewed online right here:

Please let me know what you think!

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  1. Jeff Beehler on Check out the new Team System 2010 CTP Martin Woodward on Teamprise Remote Accelerator…

  2. Hi Cameron,

    Just an awsome presentation!! I liked it a lot, it was very funny and of course highly valuable.

    Thanks for that! 😉

    Kind regards!

  3. Mark Kenney says:

    Cameron, this was one of the best sessions I attended at PDC!  Thanks for providing such great information.  It’s easy to see how you can be so excited about the changes that are being developed for VSTS 2010!

  4. Thanks folks! We’re really excited about VSTS 2010. Can’t wait to put the bow on this thing and ship it! 🙂

    Thanks again,


  5. Klaus says:

    I have just shown your video to a 30+ group of software developers. They loved it! Great dynamics between you and Doug at the stage.

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