Microsoft joins the OMG

Today we've announced the fact that Microsoft has joined the OMG. Please see the press release here.

We're very excited about making this step. We are very interested in participating in future efforts that further the effectiveness of the UML as a collaboration and communication vehicle used throughout an organization. Our own Steve Cook will be participating in next weeks OMG meeting in Orlando.

This move is one of many in Microsoft's push to make modeling and model-driven technologies more prevalent to a broader range of people. In this particular case, the need for our tooling to interop in a much more direct way via the industry standard that is UML will be a great boon for our current and future customer base.

We've already released an early CTP that shows the start of this effort, and if you attend next month's PDC, you'll see a whole lot more! I will be giving a talk entitled:

"Rosario": A Sprint with the Next Version of Microsoft Visual Studio Team System

where I will be showing many of the great things we will be delivering Team System all-up, including the latest bits around our UML and visualization designers.

Hope to see you there!

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  1. We’ve just announced our membership of the Object Management Group. As Cameron says , I shall be at the

  2. Microsoft has just announced joining the Object Management Group. As Cameron says , Steve Cook will be

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