Blogs to take note of

Wanted to point out a couple of blogs that I would recommend checking out.

James Whittaker has finally started a blog. For those of you who don't know James, he's the crazed personality behind a few books ( How to Break Software, How to Break Software Security (with Hugh Thompson), How to Break Web Software (with Mike Andrews) ) and is currently an Architect on the team that brings you Visual Studio Team System Test Edition. He's always got a very interesting and informed take on all things relating to software quality.

Also wanted to point out Clemens Reijnen's blog. Clemens has been pushing out post after post on his experiences with the Rosario CTP bits of the Architecture Edition. Fantastic content, and just a fabulous early look at some of the possibilities we're trying to enable with the product. Clemens is a fantastic example of a customer who absolutely knows what they need in a product, and is engaging with the team to make sure we satisfy those needs ( Clemens, we can't do it all, but we're sure trying! 🙂 ).

Check out his post on how he's added menu items to some of our new designers, created providers for our visualization capabilities ( code named "Progression" ), or how he's generating test cases out of Activity diagrams. Fantastic!!!

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