Next Chat

Come chat with the Visual Studio Team System group – December 5th Join members of the Visual Studio Team System product group to discuss features available in Team Foundation Server, Team Suite, Architecture Edition, Development Edition, Database Edition, and Test Edition. In addition, discuss what’s new for these editions for Visual Studio 2008. We will…

How to download Rosario VPCs

In the next version of VSTS ( code named “Rosario” ), we are planning on providing early looks at those bits through Community Technology Preview ( CTP ) releases in a VPC format initially ( first CTP was talked about here ). Nice thing about this is that you can try out the bits without…


Subtle changes in branding

I wanted to point out a post that Rob Caron put out a few weeks back that is worth mentioning, as it discusses some changes to the official names of the various Team System product lines, including DBPro. Check out this post for details. For DBPro, the official product name that we went to market…


Another Channel9 Video

Brian Keller uploaded another video that was done with Sachin Rekhi a few months back that talks at length about the MSF integration and the DBPro additions to the MSF guidance built into Team System. There is also a good discussion of the role of the database project in regards to the concept of offline database development that DBPro…


Webcast recording Available

As I mentioned in a post the other day, I co-presented with my CA colleagues today, showing the DBPro and ERWin 7.2 integration, among a few other things. The recording has a number of technical glitches ( first 30 seconds is nothing but a blank screen, then there is about a 10 second segment where…

New Channel 9 video on Power Tools

Folks, be sure to check out the great video Gert Drapers and Brian Keller just completed up on Channel 9. Here’s the link:  Gert goes into great detail on the functionality enabled not only in our first service release for DBPro, but also about the Power Tools we just recently made available. Enjoy! Cameron


Database Edition PowerTools Now Available!

The team has had our hands full getting all our V1 bits wrapped up and into Orcas Beta 2, while at the same time preparing and delivering our first Service Release, but we weren’t done there! At the same time, we’ve also been very busy readying our first official PowerTool drop! I’m very glad to see…


TFS 2008

Folks, Brian has a great post talking about all the features in TFS that will ship with Orcas. Again, Orcas Beta2 is ready for you to take out for a test drive ( which includes the DBPro bits replete with our Service Release enhancements! ). Go get it! 🙂 Cameron


ERWin 7.2 and DBPro WebCast

I will be participating with my partners at CA to present a “Taming and Managing Database Change” webcast on August 14th from 1PM EST – 2PM EST. The general gist of the webcast is to show how ERWin 7.2 sits on top of the DBPro project model, and how the two tools team up to…


First Rosario CTP

We’ve finally put the finishing touches on a CTP that begins to get you a clearer picture on what Rosario is bound to be. Rosario is the next version of Visual Studio Team Sytem. Please be sure to checkout Jeff Beehler’s blog for more details. The version of DBPro that is in the Orcas Beta…