DB Unit Testing White Paper

Sachin is about to publish a white paper detailing the unit testing capabilities in DBPro. If you are interested in database unit testing and how DBPro can help you out in that arena, this white paper is for you! Give him the feedback before the paper becomes a permanent member on the MSDN site! 🙂


VS SP1 Shipped!

VS SP1 shipped, which includes some big updates for Visual Studio Team System. See Brian Harry’s post for more details. There is nothing new on the DBPro front, but important nonetheless!


Using the old Database Projects?

Mairead has just posted, requesting feedback from folks who are or have used the Visual Studio 2005 and/or 2003 database projects ( .dbp ). If you have, please check out her post here and provide feedback! Thanks! Cameron


Final V1 binaries on MSDN

Just wanted to make sure everyone saw the fact that availability of our final V1 bits are now available! See Gert’s post for more details. I do want to emphasize the following sentence in Gert’s post: “The full product download on MSDN is a full image only, so 2.9 GB or so, if you already…


Version One of DBPro is DONE!

We have released the final V1 bits to manufacturing! WooHooo!!!! 🙂 This has been quite an exciting journey, and this team has successfully executed against a vision established just over a year ago. I’m very proud of this product unit, and what we have been able to achieve. I’m most proud of how interactive the…