Process Guidance Availability

I mentioned in my last post the availability of the new MSF process guidance that included the DBPro content, but failed to mention where you can actually download that content and check it out. If you are interested in the MSF for Agile content, click here. For the MSF for CMMI, click here. Please see…


Nov. 30th is the Date!

This has been a fantastic day! Today at the SQL PASS conference, we publicly announced our RTM ( Release To Manufacturing ) date, and have announced additional content to the MSF Agile and MSF CMMI process guidance templates. CA also announced an integration with it AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler product with DBPro, which is also…


Team System Chat

Another all-up Visual Studio Team System Chat is planned for tomorrow. These chats have been going over very well, giving folks like yourself the ability to get in and ask some questions with VSTS team members. So if you have some thoughts / questions you want to share, please see below! Visual Studio Team System…


Offline Database Development

DBPro supports an offline development model. This is a key notion to understand if you are to realize the full potential of Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals ( aka “Data Dude” or “DBPro” ). Many folks do not quite understand the importance or power of this feature on first blush. Fundamentally, once…


CTP7 Is Live!

Please follow this link to get our final CTP before release! Please be sure to read my post from yesterday, and be sure to check out Gert’s post for more lower level details about the CTP. Onward!


Final CTP Approaching

We are in the final testing phases of our final CTP ( CTP7 ). ( Think of this as our release candidate! ). CTP7 will be out early next week. I want to discuss a couple of important topics about the upcoming release in this post. CTP7 Installation Requirements In order to ready ourselves for…


First Chat a Success!

We had our first DBPro specific chat today. What a blast! We over a 100 questions roll in that kept most of the team hopping for about an hour! Thanks to all the folks who participated in the chat! Here’s the transcript of the session if you’re interested.


DBPro MSDN Help Content Refresh

The October update of our MSDN content has been updated. Please check out this link to see latest help content.