CTP5 ( Beta )

Have a great weekend, 'cause we are! 🙂 We thought we'd need till Monday to get you the software, but things moved a bit faster than we thought!

Our latest installment is ready for consumption! Please download the bits from here.

As always, feedback is hugely appreciated!

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  1. The team behind Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals have released the fifth CTP of

  2. G.T says:

    The improvements are nice, but why it takes it 15+ minutes to import an SQL Server 2000 database (100+ tables, 500+ stored procedures), shouldn’t it be seconds max? How big is in the background, just couple of k/bytes?

    Will CPT6 focus on performance, or this will be in release 2.0?

  3. Yes, CTP6 is all about performance and clean-up of existing edges. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised, so hang in there!


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