information technology evolving similar to how American cities have evolved?

I love essays like this that stretch my thinking and give me new conceptual models for understanding what I see happening each day. According to Pat Helland’s “Metropolis“ article, “we are at approximately the early 1880’s in urban development in our parallel IT shop’s growth!“ I also like his explanation of why “shared services will not be achieved…


Activewords scripting guide in PDF

I might actually figure out how to make this scripting stuff work! AW have recently released a guide in PDF format. Source: Marc


VoIP Now Available on Pocket PCs For Free

This article on Skype for Pocket PC mentions that Skype was founded by the two guys who in vented Kazaa! That’s news to me. Wow, talk about two guys changing paradigms…


a look under the covers of Gmail – Google’s new email service

I’m all excited reading miscoranda’s drill-down into Gmail. This is big. As big as OutlookMT, Scoble? I dunno. But it’s big. Oh, I know, web mail is old hat. Yeah but so was “search” when Google jumped into the pond. Also laughing at Kevin Fox’s post assuring everyone Gmail wasn’t an April Fools Day joke…


why migrate from Microsoft ASP to Microsoft .NET

A few months ago I linked to an article in a local paper which mentioned that one of Australia’s largest e-tailers was still running on Microsoft ASP and SQL 7. Nothing at all wrong with that, as far as I’m concerned – plenty of businesses out there are happily running on even 20 year-old technology….


Bungie announces HALO 2 product placement. Allegedly.

Revealing a brand synergy unprecedented in next generation gaming, Bungie today announced a list of vendors to be featured in-game in “Halo 2″ the exciting sci-fi adventure heading to Xbox game systems this fall. Gee, I can’t seem to find “Mungo McIver, a Microsoft marketing expert” in the GAL. How about that….


newsflash: the internet is popular with Gen X & Y

I had a laugh to myself reading this article today about a study conducted by the Online Publishers Association which analyzes the Internet habits of 18-to-34-year-olds, and guess what it found?? Gen X and Y have embraced the Web in a big way. Wow. No kidding. Humour aside, there are some good numbers in the report: 25…


Playing around with Anagram

Thanks to Buzz  who introduced me tonight to Anagram. Anagram instantly and intelligently translates the meaningful text from any application into Outlook Contact, Calendar, Task and Note items. Great app! Just what I’ve needed for YEARS. The amount of time I spend cutting and pasting people’s sig files into contacts… I hate to think! I…


the “Father” of Information Engineering

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of meeting a living legend – Clive Finkelstein. Clive Finkelstein is acknowledged worldwide as the “Father” of Information Engineering (IE), having developed its concepts from 1976 – 1980 based on original work carried out by him to bridge from strategic business planning to information systems. Many of his papers…