supercomputers selling cheap

According to this article, “Virginia Tech’s decision to build a supercomputer out of 1,100 Apple Power Mac G5s — a true break from the architecture of traditional, mainframe supercomputers — allowed the university to cut its costs in half. According to researchers, the supercomputer represents a new model for ultra high-end computing in science and…

Ebay – 11th largest U.S. retailer

As an old dotcommer, it’s very exciting for me to see the news recently that Ebay is now the 11th largest U.S. retailer. A realization of the dotcom vision of a new brand of retailer with no inventory.

Linfox and BizTalk

Trucker ready to roll with Office Chris Jenkins over at the Australian has written a story on Linfox’s deployment of Microsoft’s Office System 2003. Their use of BizTalk also gets a quick plug: “Microsoft’s Biztalk is being used to move information from legal documents to the back end, and various security features of InfoPath have been brought…


Announcing Microsoft’s Indigo

At the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference 2003 in LA we publicly announced ”Indigo”, the service-oriented framework layer of the next release of Windows (aka “Longhorn”). CRN Infoworld

Inside the IBM-Microsoft spin

An entertaining piece from Bill Robins over at “Bill Gates and Steve Mills, who runs IBM’s software business, demonstrated progress on Web services standards. For the first time in 12 years (gasp!), Gates shared a stage with an IBM executive. He also shared the stage with a Linux box. What was so exciting that these…

Want to know what Microsoft Research is working on?

Here’s another interesting article from David Kirkpatrick over at He interviews Rick Rashid, who runs Microsoft Research. Glad to hear we have someone in our R&D labs who’s worked on teleportation!  

food for thought

Some great quotes from BillG here given recently at the ETRE conference in Berlin… for example: …developing the next version of Windows (aka Longhorn) “costs as much as putting a man on the moon.” … he predicted that in three years a cockpit-type environment of three 21-inch displays will cost about what one 19-inch flat-panel display costs…


Microsoft beats the street!

SEATTLE (Reuters) – Microsoft Corp. on Thursday said its quarterly profit rose on strong consumer sales of Windows and other products and raised its outlook for personal computer demand, but said corporate technology spending was lagging consumer demand.  

BizDex – Australian National B2B Registry

Bizdex is a project that I am beginning to get my head around. It is essentially a collaboration between government (eg NOIE), standards bodies (eg Standards Australia), and industry (eg Aust Post, AWB, Microsoft, Red Wahoo, SAP, Sun, Tradegate, Quicken, etc) to develop a collection of open infrastructure components that will hopefully provide the environment…


the old blog… the new blog

Even though the old blog only ran for something like a week, I can’t be bothered copying all of the old posts over to this (the new new blog), but if you care, you can reference them here… for a while at least.