Why Buffett bought Clayton

Been reading Warren Buffett’s Letter to Berkshire Hathaway’s shareholders in their 2003 Annual Report. It contains a great anecdote about how a group of students from the University of Tennessee helped him decide to purchase Clayton Homes. Really worth a read.


newsflash: the internet is popular with Gen X & Y

I had a laugh to myself reading this article today about a study conducted by the Online Publishers Association which analyzes the Internet habits of 18-to-34-year-olds, and guess what it found?? Gen X and Y have embraced the Web in a big way. Wow. No kidding. Humour aside, there are some good numbers in the report: 25…

Playing around with Anagram

Thanks to Buzz  who introduced me tonight to Anagram. Anagram instantly and intelligently translates the meaningful text from any application into Outlook Contact, Calendar, Task and Note items. Great app! Just what I’ve needed for YEARS. The amount of time I spend cutting and pasting people’s sig files into contacts… I hate to think! I…


final word on the burglary

Here’s a shout out to AAMI! This week we received the full payout from the recent burglary. Today we picked up the replacement video camera and I pushed in the only video cassette left behind, one I thought was blank. I pressed play and guess what? It’s got Xmas. It’s for all of my footage…


the “Father” of Information Engineering

Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of meeting a living legend – Clive Finkelstein. Clive Finkelstein is acknowledged worldwide as the “Father” of Information Engineering (IE), having developed its concepts from 1976 – 1980 based on original work carried out by him to bridge from strategic business planning to information systems. Many of his papers…


CIOs see increased IT spending: Gartner

A survey of 956 chief information officers around the world shows they are confident about increases in IT spending in 2004 but do not intend to increase spending until business shows a recovery, a unit of the technology research firm Gartner said in a report released today. The survey found that the business priorities for…


Do kids blog?

Mitch Denny asks: I wonder what would happen if we encouraged school students to keep an open log of their thoughts about their studies that was accessible to teachers and parents where they could ask questions. Parents and teachers could then read the blog entries to help identify ways to help the student learn.And I…


Why do bloggers kill kittens?

To find out why, jump over to the Blog Epidemic Analyzer FAQ at hp.com .And just to prove I’m not a “Blog Vampire”… source: Word Soup 


The Twelve Steps of Blogaholics Anonymous

What would the 12 steps look like for a recovering blogaholic?(with apologies to BillW). The Twelve Steps of Blogaholics Anonymous01We admitted we were powerless over blogging – that our lives had become unmanageable.02Came to believe that only pulling the plug on our Wireless Access Point could restore us to sanity.03Made a decision to turn our blog…


Buzz on books

Buzz says: “..having a library of books that you have read is like keeping a six-pack of empty beer bottles. I have come to give away the books that I read so that others might enjoy them”.As a result of the recent burglary, I’ve just started to put all of the books in my library into…