Microsoft at the Tipover Point

The Inquirer has this article on “the IT industry is moving away from Microsoft” (by way of Slashdot).  While it contains a lot of typically vague and vehement Inquirer/Slashdot statements, it IS worth a read, especially by MSFT folks. I do believe the software game is going through an inflection point and I do believe…


why modding an Xbox hurts everyone

Scott writes: “It’s not the consumers fault that MS is losing money on each XBox sold. That kind of argument doesn’t fly with consumers.(awwww, poor multi-billion dollar Microsoft is lost money on this XBox it took me 4 months of saving my allowance to buy). I don’t think people should be punished financially (or by…


Firebird vs IE

“Maybe you can pass those sentiments onto the IE team. Theyre still about 4 years behind the game. Just look at the work being pumped into Firebird, and it becomes terribly obvious how rudimentary IE is these days.” my 1337 nephew Deke says in a comment on my post about WinPlanet’s top apps for 2003. So…


fun things to do with BizTalk – #1

#1. streamline the processing of paper forms you can’t totally eradicate yetThe paperless office. Remember that? We’re still working on it. And sometimes there are paper forms that you can’t get rid of just yet. For a variety of reasons. Some legal. Some practical. One example I’ve seen is a large manufacturing company who gets…


the one about the music blog idea

Over the last few days I’ve been thinking (in my spare time) about possible models for viral marketing of new music. I’ve come up with one idea I’d like to throw out there and see what people think. What if there was some way for people to publish new entries to their playlist as an RSS…


I’ve been robbed

Literally. My house got burgled yesterday while we were all out. First time for me. The thief didn’t take much. $500 cash. $5000 worth of DVDs and CDs. But the thing that busts me up is that when they took my miniDV video camera, they took with the case it comes in, 12 months of…


Xbox Media Center

hey, even a dummy like me can understand this: “Xbox Media Center will allow the Xbox to become the center of your digital home with features including MP3/WMA playback, Movie playback (AVI/MPG etc), net connection to music services (Napster) and all the other goodies that Windows Media Center allows you to do.” My xbox is…


Do kids blog?

Mitch Denny asks: I wonder what would happen if we encouraged school students to keep an open log of their thoughts about their studies that was accessible to teachers and parents where they could ask questions. Parents and teachers could then read the blog entries to help identify ways to help the student learn.And I…


Slashdotters cheer for MyDoom

This says a lot about the intelligence of some of the folks on Slashdot. Are they having a joke? Perhaps. But cheering on a virus is kind of like cheering on a terrorist.   Via ExtremeTech.


my awesome customer support experience with Taskline

I was very impressed recently with the customer service I received from ResultsWare, the vendor of Taskline, and I want to share the story. A week or so ago, I was reading some blog, I can’t remember which, but someone mentioned an application called Taskline. It’s a task scheduler for Microsoft Outlook and, as a power…