final word on the burglary

Here's a shout out to AAMI! This week we received the full payout from the recent burglary. Today we picked up the replacement video camera and I pushed in the only video cassette left behind, one I thought was blank. I pressed play and guess what? It's got Xmas. It's for all of my footage from Xmas eve up until the burglary. The funny thing is that the little "save" latch on the tape wasn't pressed over to "save" - it was still on "record". Now, the first thing I do when I remove a full tape from the camera is to press the "save" latch to prevent it getting recorded over. So I'm thinking the thief took the time to remove the cassette from my video camera and left it on the floor. Wow.


I also splurged a bit today from my mid-year bonus - picked up a Waveterminal U24 Audio Interface  and a pair of Sennheiser 212 pro headphones so I can finally improve the quality of the recording of the tracks I'm working on. Now all I need is the new PC - but that's next week's project.

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  1. Anonymous Coward says:

    I’m guessing the thief was protecting his own back rather than considering any sentimental value you’d have attached to the tape. If he was caught still in possession of the camera then the tape would link it directly to you. The camera on its own is pretty indistinct unless you took the time to record the serial number or get your name etched onto it.

  2. Hey, just a word for the wise…

    It is quite common (40% probability from memory) that theives will return 30 days after the initial robbery because in this time you’ve received your insurance pay out and have brand new stuff.

    In fact, some times theives will just throw out all off the shit they got the first time and wait for the new stuff to come in.

    Be on guard!

  3. Cameron Reilly says:

    Thanks James. I’ve heard similar things before. I actually asked the police about that when they came, but they said it wasn’t true. They said most people, once robbed, tend to improve their efforts to protect their house so the bad guys don’t bother to come back. But they might tell their friends what nice stuff you have. 🙂

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