My mother doesn’t read my blog

LOL. Spoke to my mother today for the first time in a couple of weeks. I said "did I tell you about the insurance settlement from the burglary?" She said "what burglary?" Funny to realize the thousand or so people around the world who read my blog knew about it but my mother didn't. Mum - read the blog.

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  1. Jason Nadal says:

    Heh Heh…goes to the GF as well… But I get the complaint "It’s too technical, I got bored!" Ah, well…

  2. scarlett says:

    why does that surprise you?…I hope I don’t have to pour through reams and reams of text to find out about the significant moments in my childs life …its like saying to someone" you want more info ..I’m too lazy to give it to you it’s on the web.". "mum I’m too lazy to call" .. "just read my blog"… " I hope our generation and the generations after us never forget that technology is a great enabler and enhancer of communication – BUT can never replace human contact and the human exprience

  3. senkwe says:

    LOL, dude, thats your MOTHER, CALL her. She deserves better than to read about her childs life on the internet. Then again, I’m African so perhaps it’s a cultural thing.

  4. christoc says:

    My mom asks me questions about what she found in my blog, I didn’t know until then that she read it.

    The wierd thing is the ex-girlfriend who calls you up one day asking things and the only way she could have known to ask those things was by reading your blog…. "eeeech eeeeech eeeeech"

  5. yeah christoc, that would be weird. I’m still getting used to the experience of people asking me questions out of the blue about something I wrote in my blog without prefacing the question with "I read your blog". It always shocks me for a second when my brain tells me "you havent told this person about that" and it takes a second or two before the "oh they must have read it on your blog" thought kicks in. Freaks me out a little bit.

  6. Blogger Cameron Reilly brings up an interesting point about kids that blog

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