blibbet memorabilia

I'm looking for blibbet-era Microsoft memorabilia. Anything's good. Prefer software. But business cards. Stickers. Boxes. Whatever. Don't ask why. Okay, Yes I'm a geek. Just ping me if you've got anything you want to get rid of. But it has to have the blibbet! Thanks!

PS - also looking for Windows 1.0 in a box. If you've got one of those - ping me also.

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  1. Clarke Scott says:

    Great read!

    "1977 November: Microsoft declares the cessation of their license with MITS,Inc. for the BASIC language, after a long dispute in the legal system."

    Look like Bill has always been invloved in agruments over software?

  2. Jon Galloway says:

    Actually took a few minutes to google the logo:

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