Cookin’ With Google

Tinderblog points us towards this useful app: Cookin' With Google. Enter in a couple of ingredients you find in your fridge, press a button, and it presents you with a list of recipes.

Which reminds me to tell you of my latest vegetarian recipe du jour:

Get some of those large field mushrooms. Cut into fat strips. Cut some red capsicum (that's "peppers" for you yanks) into thick strips as well. Grab a wok. Throw a smattering of sesame seed oil into the bottom. Make it HOT, DAMN HOT. Throw in the mushies. After a few minutes, add the capsicum and some whole baby beets. Then add some oyster sauce. Enough to make everything nice and slippery. Mix it up for a few minutes and then throw it on your plate.

There you go. It's filling. It's tasty. It has less than 1000 kilojoules. It takes less than ten minutes to make.

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