How Google Works

Calcanis points to a new guide to getting the most out of Google. Having just come back from learning about state-of-the-art ways to build massive parallel clusters, I’m fascinated by the section on How Google Works.


Lessons From Bill Gates

secretGeek has a great anecdote from BillG.


the one about the music blog idea

Over the last few days I’ve been thinking (in my spare time) about possible models for viral marketing of new music. I’ve come up with one idea I’d like to throw out there and see what people think. What if there was some way for people to publish new entries to their playlist as an RSS…


the cost of a virus

This article from Jan 30 at contains an interesting statistic: “The largest cost will come from medium-to-small sized companies with 400 employees or less, said Andy Cummins, CEO of technology services firm U.S. Networks. “We think MyDoom will cost these companies $48,000 to $58,000 (each) to secure themselves from MyDoom,” he said, adding that…


Tyson’s rule

From now on this will be know as “Tyson’s Rule“. I might adopt it myself.. even extend and embrace it to other forms. The mind boggles. I always wondered why Tyson was such a hit with the ladies and now I know.


I’m #7

Just heard that my blog ranked as the 7th most read blog on in the last week of January (out of 206)! Here are my stats for that week: Aggregator views: 8851. Web views: 2709. I’m quite stunned. Thanks for the support folks.


The Continuing Decline Of Email

Dan Gillmor’s current post on about MyDoom is interesting reading as are some of the comments attached to the post. Dan writes that he doesn’t open any attachment that arrives in his email that he hasn’t specifically requested. I also adopted this policy some years ago and I think it has served me well. Unfortunately…


How you can turn your G5 into a PC

From Overclockers: “Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure G5 is a great computer, but I wanted a Dell for Christmas.“ via Jason Calcanis’ blog. Update: Apparently it was all a hoax. Oh dear.


check out Musicplasma

A colleague of mine, Jon Yeo (alas, no blog yet), points me towards Musicplasma, a graphical variation on the very useful theme of connecting you from one musical artist you like to another similar artist. I’m not sure yet of how accurate its reporting is… Lou Reed is placed next to Emerson, Lake, Palmer?? But…