more thoughts on being robbed and RFID

Wouldn't it be interesting if all of the items that were stolen from my house had been RFID'ed? And the pawn stores were required by law to check the RFID tags on any items brought in for sale. If they could check the ID details on the RFID tag and somehow check them against a police database of stolen goods?

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  1. Chris Kinsman says:

    Would have to be RFID in a way the thief couldn’t remove the tags. Might be tough for something like a DVD…

  2. Ferris Beuller says:

    Yeah like tinfoil isnt going to block it, or hey I know, lets remove the actual RFID.

    You are a GENIUS.

  3. Agent Smith says:

    Tin foil doesn’t block RFID; grow up or at least do some research.

    Equipment manufacturers should be forced to put read/write RFID tags INSIDE the frigging devices (a bit like my dog being micro chipped) ….. password protect the write bit and uncle bob time!

    BTW; the old tech way of doing this is to scribe ones license number into the back of the things (or use an invisible ink pen).

  4. Cameron Reilly says:

    of course I’m talking about future RFID or RFID-equivalent tags… something too small to locate or remove or destroy. Nano-RFID? The point of the post, I guess, was to provide another scenatio that demonstrates the possibilities of RFID and why I believe the technology will over come privacy concerns long term. The positive scenarios far outweigh the negative scenarios, most of which can be countered using privacy legislation.

  5. Mitch Denny says:

    Hi Cameron,

    My father is actually a pawnbroker so I have some idea of how the business operates. Most reputable pawnbrokers do whatever they can to avoid taking in stolen goods. So if there was a way to detect stolen goods easily (time and money) then I guess they would take it up.

    When stolen goods are identified in a pawnbrokers shop the pawnbroker typicall loses their money unless the thief can be found (difficult) and can actually provide compensation (unlikely).

    Interesting idea, there are obviously some pratical issues involved. Personally I’d like a beeper on every "small" thing I own like car keys so I can find them when I loose them.

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