the CD will be dead by 2007

I've been arguing this myself for a couple of years and it's good to see music industry analysts starting to agree. Having a physical cd is of little interest to me these days. They just clutter up my house. If I am going to buy music, I would rather just be able to download it, either onto my PC if I am at home, or onto my Zen if I am in a store. I'll create my own back-up, so I don't need the physical media at all. When vinyl was still the thing, getting the artwork meant something, but today the artwork on a cd is pretty pointless. Even getting the lyrics is pointless, because I usually want them digitally anyway and I can google them in seconds. What extras do I want when I pay for music? Something of value. How about free lifetime membership to the artist's website so I can participate in online discussions with the artist about his or her work? How about behind-the-scenes features online?

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  1. bilbo says:

    vinyl still is the thing for me! that’s all I buy!

  2. chris says:

    >>What extras do I want when I pay for music? Something of value. <<<

    CD sound quality is still way ahead of compressed audio to my ears – personally I’m not interested in building a download-only collection until the quality surpasses that of 20 years ago. MP3’s give me a headache after, oooh, about 30 minutes, even at 160kbps.

    Some CDs I own sound better on vinyl, some vice versa, but my downloads don’t even sound as good as my car radio!

  3. Ben Dover says:

    Yeah and so will the floppy UNLESS you use WINDOWS because it wont work without a FLOPPY.

    Try installing RAID drivers on a blue screen installer without a floppy, you are assreamed by Microsoft again, why cant I install them from USB memory stick or CD?

  4. Ben Dover says:

    Lets see you intall 3rd party drivers on F6 with teh blue screen isntaller. You CANT.

    Microsoft – Supporting OLD OUTDATED technology since 1975.

  5. RedWolves2 says:

    I am all in agreement with you as long as I can download full albums in WMA lossless quality. Currently this is not possible.

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