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I've been trying for a couple of years to figure out what kind of tattoo I should get. My sister got a bluebird on her foot a year ago. I realize I am going to have this for the rest of my life and so I want to choose carefully. Recently I've been thinking about getting The Reilly / Raghallach coat of arms but now I think I might get: a barcode.

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  1. Ben Dover says:

    Considering technology is moving away from barcodes to RFIDs what will you do then, so out of fashion.

    Why dont you just get "I AM AN ASSHAT" tatoed on every limb.

  2. Phil McNobb says:


  3. Hans Jergen Ohff says:


  4. Elph says:

    u_U i have one of this barcodes tattoed on the back, just behind the neck. i get from five years ago, and like so much…

    is an geekly tatoo..^_^

  5. Scott says:

    You know who else used numbers right? The Nazis.

    Proof that any discussion on the web will eventually involve the Nazis.‘s_Law

  6. Don X says:

    … having a tattoo means you’d be just another … fashion victim.

  7. Hans Jergen Ohff says:

    I bet he wears "Nike" or insert brand here Tshirt too.

  8. Elph says:

    Say whatever you want… if be tattoed mean i’m fashion victim well.. i’ll be..

    and something only have the meaning you give to that…

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