The Spike TV commercial

Finally Microsoft has a cool ad.

Down here in Australia we haven't been fortunate enough to be frustrated by the first SPOT watches, so I am fascinated by reviews like the one Scoble posted recently. When I was in NYC recently the place was SMOTHERED in billboards and posters advertising them.

Of course, I've been thinking a lot about the corporate applications of such a device. Such things as exception alerting. You place an order electronically with a supplier. You need the product to meet an urgent deadline. Your supplier is going to struggle meeting your deadline. What happens today? They try to call your office, your cell phone, they email you, fax you, etc. A future solution might be to use an alert that tracks you down and notifies you on whichever device you have with you and ON. Phones are still tricky to check during a meeting, but its a lot easier to glance at your watch if you feel it vibrate.

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  1. That was a cool commercial.

  2. NOW I finally see a valid reason why Spike Lee sued to try to prevent the cable channel from calling itself Spike TV. When I read your headline, I thought you were talking about a commercial on the US Cable TV channel "Spike TV".

  3. Fred Pugsley says:

    Very cool indeed. Spike strikes again!

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