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Darien is an E-business Technology Specialist with Microsoft Malaysia and he's just started his first blog. We met recently at Ithaca but he's an Adelaide boy! Funny where you meet people. I'm very keen to see more non-Redmond MSFT'rs blogging. Not everyone at MSFT is a developer! Lots of us spend every day trying to help customers and partners build solutions to everyday business problems using the (usually) awesome products and technologies that come out of Seattle and la ot of the stuff we get involved involves n+1 technologies and concepts, so we are usually in the thick of it. Great to see you blogging Darien!

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  1. Ivana Mandic [MSFT] says:

    loads up headtrax and highlights all aliases at MSFT

  2. Ivana Mandic [MSFT] says:

    Yeah sure sweep it under the carpet itll only bite back later (which is now :D)

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