RebelGeekz has a vision I like for a Home Information System

From RebelGeekz:

"I would like my ideal home to have one box in a hidden place, only one, that will be the main brain of my Home Information System.

Picture it like a black cube with some green LEDs indicating the brain's temperature and some other unimportant info. Who cares if nobody will see it.

This box will have all the hard-drives, memory and hardware any regular server needs to have, plus the respective internet, cable and tv connections.

Now, the rest of my house won't have any other computers at all, only displays, smart displays. Like a 60" flat in the living room, a couple of 21" flats in my studio, a 19" in every bedroom and some 15" and 10" portables for moving around and surfing from your best spot, the couch, floor, kitchen, bathroom, anywhere."

There's a lot more in his post that articulates a vision I'd like to see. Can anyone explain why we aren't seeing this today?

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  1. I share your vision, and I wish I could build such a thing right now. May be a simple answer is that doeing so would mean only one Windows licence per home for Microsoft, whereas actually, one PC in each room means as many Windows licences as you can imagine 🙂

  2. You could realistically architect this with currently available hardware, although you would need a couple of servers, minimally, and dumb boxes for the endpoints (TV Exclusive):

    Setup an MCE PC for your entertainment system, and wire that to the TV. A W2k3 Application Mode Terminal Server for each of your workstations. The workstations would have to be dumb terminals – something that will run the Remote Desktop Client (which runs on most anything). You won’t be able to play games over the TS connection, though. Some stuff would still need to be done locally, which would mean a higher end PC.

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