the one about the music blog idea

Over the last few days I've been thinking (in my spare time) about possible models for viral marketing of new music. I've come up with one idea I'd like to throw out there and see what people think.

What if there was some way for people to publish new entries to their playlist as an RSS feed?

I'm sure I'm not unique in that I have some friends who have the same taste in music as I do. When they discover some new artist they are excited about, there's usually a good chance I will enjoy it as well (and vice versa). What if there was some easy way for them to publish these new artists they add to their playlist as an RSS feed which I could subscribe to? And what if all music fans had a dedicated playlist RSS feed? I need some way to find out what other bloggers are listening to (and I don't just mean listening to RIGHT NOW, but who their top ten favourite artists are) and then I would know they have similar tastes to mine and I would subscribe to their playlist RSS feed. It would make discovering new music a lot easier (and less expensive for the artists).

My ultimate model right now would be to subscribe to a service (for, say, $10 per month) that would PUSH new music to me. I'd love to be able to dock my Digital Music Player each night to re-charge, and have a service check my playlist, look at how I've rated the artists in the playlist, and then figure out a new artist I might like to listen to. It would be really cool if they would then download 3 - 5 tracks from that artist onto my music player, giving me permission to listen to them a handful of times. If I liked the tracks, I would then buy them for $1 each. If not, I'd delete them.

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  1. secretGeek says:

    Nice Idea Cameron.

    there are some friends of mine who always know about great new music — if they had a "play list blog" (a plog?) then i’d certainly read it.

  2. Cameron Reilly says:

    a PLOG! well done secretGeek! I think that’s a keeper. Copyright it now!

  3. Jon Rowett says:

    i like it. i would so use this service.

  4. This is an interesting idea…it could probably be done by a few modifications to an existing blog engine(I have a XPathNavigator implementation that (sorta)works over m3u somewhere…). Or you could use a standard blog rss engine(why rewrite if you can avoid it) with a WMP plugin for example. Seeing as how WMP provides play counts(winamp should with the right plugin), it would be possible to publish a music database as RSS directly from a player database. Add in annotation capability and a few other bits, and the basic blog idea is there.

    The service is another matter all together.

  5. Scott says:

    hmmm, this kind of idea has been around for as long as there have been blogs and MP3s. They have a plug in for Winamp that will FTP your current playlist to a site.

    There is also a plug in for Windows Media player that will attach the song you are currently playing to a post in your blog. I’m not sure what blog clients support it though, I know w.blogger does. It looks like a pretty easy task, iterate over your playlist and publish it as an RSS file. Heck, the playlists are saved as plaintext anyway, just read it in and plug it into an XML file.

    It looks like the service you want is already here!

    Whoops, it’s iTunes. 🙂 Only syncs with iPod. 🙁

  6. Still a blog serviceextension aimed entirely at distributing music info with annotations, ratings, etc would have its values. If you consider addins to winamp, WMP, or any other players it would be useful. I don’t know what other solutions exist(others probably do), its interesting enough to stick into the weekend project bin.

  7. okay well anyone wanting to workshop this seriously email me and let’s set up a team.

  8. chhavi says:

    Plog has already been taken: check (Personal weBLOG). It’s also being used for "ProjectLogs" Sorry dude.

    What I was thinking of was something akin to what does for books on my blog. I want to post albums i’ve bought and my comments on those. The links above don’t reflect that, yeah?

  9. sam says:

    if anyone ever figures this out (for blogger users like me), i’d appreciate an email @ thanks!

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