I’m #7

Just heard that my blog ranked as the 7th most read blog on blogs.msdn.com in the last week of January (out of 206)! Here are my stats for that week:

Aggregator views: 8851.

Web views: 2709.

I'm quite stunned. Thanks for the support folks.

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  1. Don X says:

    Now if only you could blog about .NET …

  2. Don, if I had anything worth saying about it, I would! But there are so many other people with so much more important things to contribute, I am a flea in comparison.

  3. Scott says:

    Consider that the majority of the posts at weblogs.asp.net are either introductory posts or posts referring to other posts. Your posts are a welcome break in the monotony and the, sorry to say, technobabble and marketspeak.

    I just wish more people would post comments in the blog posts. Maybe it’s the fact that there are a bazillion bloggers on here now, it’s hard to keep track and a lot of the posts don’t really lend themselves to discussion.

    I’ve found that the # of bloggers at a given blog aggregate site is usually inversely proportional to my interest in reading the site.

  4. Cameron Reilly says:

    Thanks for the support Scott. I think of myself as "light relief". 🙂 And considering the (well deserved) slapping you gave me for the /. post recently… I appreciate it all the more!

  5. dude I think we both know that 🙂

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