It’s always an honour to be Scobled. 🙂 Thanks Robert.

Is RSS “the next big thing”?

Frank Bajak from AP writes this article on RSS. Quotes Reinacker and Scoble (source: Scoble). Most interesting analogy for me was between RSS readers and Netscape circa ’94. Which makes me think – which large corporates are using RSS to publish corporate news? I just checked Microsoft PressPass and it doesn’t appear to offer RSS. It…


Microsoft and the absence of bloggers

Dylan talks about some of the things he discovered during his recent visit to Redmond. Among the things he found out were that none of his friends at Microsoft blogged, had heard of Scoble or used RSS aggregators. This doesn’t surprise me. I talk to colleagues often about blogging and most aren’t aware of it at…


about being a custodian of our children’s memories

When my house was burgled earlier this week, the only irreplacable item they took was the miniDV tapes that held 12 months of moments from the lives of my 3-year old twins, Hunter and Taylor. Riding their first proper bicycles. The Christmas they got their first train set with the table their mother handcrafted for…


more thoughts on being robbed and RFID

Wouldn’t it be interesting if all of the items that were stolen from my house had been RFID’ed? And the pawn stores were required by law to check the RFID tags on any items brought in for sale. If they could check the ID details on the RFID tag and somehow check them against a…


I’ve been robbed

Literally. My house got burgled yesterday while we were all out. First time for me. The thief didn’t take much. $500 cash. $5000 worth of DVDs and CDs. But the thing that busts me up is that when they took my miniDV video camera, they took with the case it comes in, 12 months of…


Darien presents the HPC on Windows story

My mate Darien has been talking up the potential of High Performance Computing using Windows in Malaysia. Go Darien!


fun things to do with BizTalk – #2

A Microsoft Certified Gold Partner in Australia, Strategic Data Management (SDM), recently helped us put together this case study of the brilliant work they did with the South Australian WorkCover Corporation. “The solution, known as ePMC, or Electronic Prescribed Medical Certificate, is an online facility designed to improve the timeliness and quality of information received…


Charles Simonyi & Intentional Software

Simonyi is, of course, a living legend. Simonyi was employed by Microsoft Corporation from 1981, where he held titles of Director of Application Development, Chief Architect, and most recently, Distinguished Engineer. While at Microsoft, Simonyi hired and managed teams that developed Microsoft Multiplan, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and other best selling software applications. He left…


Externally facing apps will be the flavour of 2004

According to this article in CRM Daily, a new Yankee Group survey found that 34 percent of I.T. spending this year will focus on outward-facing applications that improve customer and supplier interactions. Apparently they expect to see a shift away from internal applications, like ERP, HR, Financials, etc, towards externally focused ones. Another take-out from…