Slashdotters cheer for MyDoom

This says a lot about the intelligence of some of the folks on Slashdot. Are they having a joke? Perhaps. But cheering on a virus is kind of like cheering on a terrorist.


Via ExtremeTech.

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  1. Johnny Hall says:

    I think they "like" the fact that its running a DoS against :/

  2. Cheering on a virus is NOTHING like cheering on a terrorist (though I don’t agree with either) – I wish people would stop over-dramitising viruses, MyDoom has been caught by ALL commercial virus checkers for months, with all the viruses around you really have to be dumb to not have a decent virus checker installed.

    OK, so viruses are inconvenient, they may even destroy data – but so far as I’m aware, no-one has been killed by MyDoom. I live in a country (the UK) where we had violent terrorism for 25 years (most people seem to forget this!), believe me I’d rather have people writing self replicating code than blowing up city centres.

  3. Scott, fair point, perhaps my analogy is harsh, but I guess my point is, someone who writes and releases a virus is trying to cause destruction of property. Cheering that behaviour on is malfeasance.

  4. Scott, so are you saying it’s okay to champion viruses and their creators? You condone this behaviour?

  5. Cameron, did you read my comment…"though I don’t agree with either" – no I do not in any way believe what Virus creators do is right. It is rightly illegal and they should be punished – but to equate them with people who willingly and callously take the lives of others is an overreaction.As for destruciuon of property – again, who’s house has a virus destroyed, who’s children have they killed?

    (pasted from:

  6. Scott says:

    Another point I would add to my namespace collisions comment is "Who is the virus hitting and infecting? People who haven’t patched and run untrusted executibles despite countless warnings."

  7. Tom Mertens says:

    Computer Associates is giving away their antivirus/firewall solution for free (free one-year subscription, after which you’ll have to pay). I guess this will be a joint CA-Microsoft action, because it’s "Protect Your PC" all the way. So, if you know someone who doesn’t want to pay for his computer’s security, you can now tell them to have a look at Spread the word and make the net a lot safer…

  8. Scott,

    Sorry, I must have missed your bracketed comment. And listen – I mostly agree with your comments that users only have themselves to blame if they get infected. God knows we have tried to make it as easy as humanly possible for users to stay virus free. However, if we are going to realize the vision of having non-technical people trust their PC to "just work" in the same way they trust the telephone to "just work", then we need to continue AS AN INDUSTRY to stamp this kind of irresponsible behaviour out. And I’m just annoyed that Slashdotters think it’s a joke. Okay, maybe they are all wannabe h4xorz,

    Viruses DO destroy property. They destroy files. They cost money. If every PC user needs to spend $50 a year on a new piece of AV software to continue to fend off digital terrorists, and lets say there are 100 million PC users out there, then perpetrators are costing PC users $5 BILLION a year. Not to mention the cost to corporate. Money is property.

  9. Tom,

    the CA deal is interesting. That’s the AV software we use internally.

  10. Scott says:

    As a "slashdotter" I’ve got to ask: Did you or the ExtremeTech people actually READ the responses at /.?

    The quoted three posts, the first two posts (the "funny" ones) and one other post, out of 847. If you get farther than 1/4 of the way down the posts (I’m reading at level 2 because I’ve got mod points. Gotta "Shout down" the losers), you’ll see that the posts quickly turn from "ha ha that’s funny that it’s SCO" to "Goddamit, who wrote this? I’m gonna kill them. I’m still get hits from Code Red in my server log. The last thing we need is another virus" and then to "This is a stupid idea and it makes Linux users look very, very bad."

    You’ve got to admit this thread (, a take off of a Monty Python sketch, is classic.

    " Back in my day, viruses came in via the boot-sector of floppy drive. You actually had to know fudge to write one.

    You yung whipper-snapper virus writers and your MS holes got it way too easy."

  11. Scott says:

    Another poster at /. points out the obvious. How joking about this reflects badly on the entire Open Source community because the media will only report the negative.

  12. Scott,

    I don’t know about the ExtremeTech folks, but I went to /. myself to read the posts before I linked to the article. I only read the first level though, i hasve to admit. Good to see some /.’s balancing out the discussion.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Scott has some excellent rebuttals of my anti-/. virus rant.

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