where do OneNote notes go?

Yesterday I wrote a blog entry while sitting in LAX waiting for my connecting flight to NYC. As I didn't have net access (the Starbucks in LAX apparently don't have the t-mobile hotspots), I wrote the entry in Microsoft OneNote for posting later. So, here I am in a Starbucks in NYC, and I cannot find the OneNote note! I've searched from inside OneNote for the note, I've even searched the hard drive for it, and I can't find it. Can anyone tell me where it went and how I recover it?

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  1. You mean the OneNote files? They should go to x:Documents and Settings<profile>My DocumentsMy Notebook, unless specified otherwise in the OneNote settings. If you delete a whole section, the file should be deleted physically (maybe it does go to the recycle bin, but I don’t know for sure, I have it set to Insta-Kill(tm)).

  2. yeah you’d think that… but they aren’t there… turns out that if I create a "new side note" and then don’t manually save it before I close it, it just… disappears…

  3. Lawrence Lean says:

    I dunno … I am working thru this "new" application, and changed the default "Save My Notes" location to under my "general notes". When I ‘close’ the app, it saves whatever I have "Side Noted" …

    I think it saves automatically every 30 seconds though and you might have had to use the "save as" function to complete the save, if say you shut down right after completing your note (tell that to the boss …).

    So far so good. I did have one note that I thought I lost but it was found …

    I did though read the Technical FAQ tonight … to find out how the save function works without a save function …


    That might help lots.

    PS seems you are in Microsoft somewhere … tell them to enable drag and drop on the tabs so you drag the tabs wherever you want. Otherwise this app is s l o w … IMHO. I like it though … 8/10 for a 1.0 is pretty good!

  4. Thanks Lawrence… will work my way through the FAQ site and see what I come up with… as you said, it claims the notes get saved automatically… mine certainly didnt… anyway… will pass your idea of drag & drop tabs onto the dev team. Slow? I don’t find that. Slow how?

  5. Lawrence Lean says:

    Ahhh … the "s l o w" … I used it in a vernacular way.

    Slow is …

    To learn the program I had to do lots of playing with it: created many notes and things to delete as the buttons were unlabelled to create new things in the primary interface … unexpected! Of course I am not scared to click on things to see what they do …

    Slow is …

    Looking at the File Menu, and seeing a Save As but no Save … unexpected but a plus now that I know … That is by the way when I went to find something about that cuz I thought maybe the app did not get installed right!!!

    Slow is …

    The tabs not being moveable between each other, at the top or in the side notes/subnotes/pages/subpages. As an Excel guy, I thought this would be there … when they did not budge … and I held em down … frustration and at least now, a kind of wonderment as to why not!! (object model …)

    Slow is …

    The right click, "move to", is also not MS’ish: you select an insertion point and below the tab/whatever will go. The active highlight is not the action I expected, and I kind of expected the object to move to above the selection point …

    I call this 1.0 version then s l o w for these reasons.

    I did see a fast live demo of it, so I did have an idea of what to expect. I see also a paradigm shift with this and InfoPath that with Portals is going to be quite the sell and hard to summarize in 20 minutes … or learn! I can see why Fred Zimmerman made his remark about Notes and One Note. Particularly if he was observing One Note with Outlook 2003 (I have Outlook 2002), and the whole enchilada of the 2003 Suite and Server side of it …

    In terms of speed, its got plenty of speed on my machine (2.5 GHz AMD 512 RAM …) and no apparent performance hit for running it even when you don’t think its running :-). I really like being able to make a Note and just closing it and having it saved where I want it. I really like also the freestyle way that the "target media" for content itself is setup as well. I like very much the idea of the free insertion point something I missed from Wordperfect very much that is lacking in Word … I could go on … I think its a winner but also a hard sell as some types of people will never take to products like this. Their loss.

    So let the tabs be draggable, add a mini manual to the box for the consumer (something to read in the can!), add some small corner icons for the creating labels, and I would call this a very intelligent application, not for the great unwashed masses but for the intelligent this is a "yummy" app.

  6. hey I figured out what happened to my disappearing OneNote notes. They weren’t OneNote notes… they were Outlook Notes. When I set up Activewords to create a new note, I pointed it to the wrong executable. Doh. Stupid human brain. 24 hour trips in one direction will do that to you.

  7. Lawrence Lean says:

    OneNote 1, Cameron 0 … 😉

    Over to you though … what are Activewords?


    "there are too many Notes in the world … That is why we made OneNote …"

  8. Lawrence, Activewords is a great little application that I’ve been getting to know over the last month. Check it out at http://www.activewords.com . Winplanet.com recently voted it the number 3 best application for 2003. http://www.winplanet.com/winplanet/reviews/5143/3/

  9. Lawrence Lean says:

    Thanks Cameron!

  10. Lawrence Lean says:

    PS … check out the new ActiveWords Plus application with the very new OneNote Scripts … http://www.wfzimmerman.com/filemgmt/visit.php?lid=29

    These are two really good additions in the why didn’t they think of that category of software.

    You will love the built in o n s n and the hotter o n s n i p (that one might need some tuning or I do …)

  11. thanks I’m checking them out!

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