NYC trip – day one

okay, so I'm, like, in New York City. First time I've ever been here in winter and it is magical. Took a walk through Central Park this morning and it was so beautiful. Whiter than my skin in winter. Speaking of which... damn, its cold here! Not as bad as it was last week though from what I've heard, when it was something like -22' C. At the moment its something like -5' C.Writing this sitting in the Starbucks on the corner of W69th and Columbus Ave.

The trip over was happily uneventful and about as exciting as a 24 hour flight can be. Saw a great film - “Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star”. Laughed by pants off. Have no idea why it only gets a 5.5 rating on IMDB. Trust me - it's funny. Ok, maybe you need to be trapped on a flight across the pacific, desperate for a toilet break but not wanting to wake up the old lady sitting between you and the mens room, with aching buns and swollen ankles, to find the humour in it.

My buddy Paul took me out to some great clubs last night. Saw a great blues guitarist whose name I can't remember, but he ripped Hendrix's “Voodoo Child” off perfectly. My hotel room at the Broadway Inn is about the size of a broom closet, but hey, its warm and clean and that's about all I need. Met a classic guy in the a bar we were in called Rudy (that's the guy, not the bar, which was P. J. Clarke's) who is about as New York as you can get. Works in the rag trade and told me if I call him on Monday he will hook me up with his buddy Christian who is a buyer at Ralph Lauren and he will put me into a couple of suits. Awesome. And I bought a Joey Pants pimp hat from Kangol.

Had the most amazing mulligatawni soup today from the famous “Al's Soup Kitchen” aka “the no soup for you guy”. I'm determined to have lunch from here every day I am in Manhattan. I cannot BELIEVE how good that soup was. The Seinfeld episode really didn't begin to do it justice. What the hell *is* mulligatawni anyway?

While walking past Columbus Circle, I saw the infamous sign on top of Trump Tower. Gotta love “The Donald”!

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  1. Scott says:

    That’s awesome. I went there for business over the summer. Man, you do NOT want to have to schlep a laptop 10 blocks in midtown in July wearing khakis and a tie.

    We spent a lot of time in Times Square and Hell’s Kitchen while we were there. Stayed at the Wellington, right across the street from Carnegie Hall. Spent a few nights at the Playwright tavern and at Jack Rose tavern.

    It’s not exactly a FUN stop, but my visit to Ground Zero is something that I won’t forget. The day after we left they found new human remains in some scaffolding next to Ground Zero.

    We also visited a Fire Station, the guy I was with had friends that were firemen that were lost on Sept. 11th. I don’t remember which batallion it was (I think #9), they lost the most people on that day. It’s pretty close to Times Square. Big plaque on the station.

    I gotta watch my cholesterol, so you’ll have to have a slice of Ray’s pizza for me!

  2. yeah I’ve been here before in the middle of summer and man, it is a killer. Went to Ground Zero the last time I was here as well, about 18 months ago. Kind of looked just like a construction site, except for a few memorials. Really didn’t have the emotional impact I expected. Having watched the whole thing as it happened live on the TV from Australia, I expected to feel more "in touch" or something with the moment, but i didn’t…

    thanks for tip on Ray’s … I’ll check it out!

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