Qantas Club, Telstra and WiFi

Here I am sitting in the Qantas Club lounge at Melbourne International Airport, on my way to NY. It's good to see Qantas Clubs have finally put in some sort of a WiFi solution! But I'm not overly impressed with Telstra's pricing. $14 for 60 minutes of internet access seems a bit heavy in 2004. I remember my early days at OzEmail back in 1996 - we were only charging $5/hr back then! Okay, so that was for 28.8k dial-up, not wireless broadband, but still...

What are the WiFi charges like in other airport lounges around the world? Can anybody fill me in?

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  1. at telaviv airport using a wireless transmitter costs… about 30 years in prison.

  2. Scott says:

    Cometa ( has the best rates, outside of FREE, that I’ve found. $2.99 for 24 hours of service, $11.95/month. They provide the WiFi for Tullys, which you don’t have in Australia OR NYC, Barnes and Noble, and McDonalds. At least in Seattle.

  3. frank arrigo says:

    qantas lounges have had wifi for a few years. it used to be offered by skynet global, and it was priced a hell of a lot less than telstra is charging now. funny enough, telstra purchased skynet global a while back specifically for their existing wifi hotspots.

    cam – grab an app called boingo — it will help you find wifi spots

  4. Marco Russo says:

    In Italy Rome and Milano airport are covered by megabeam ( 6.50 Euro for 1 hour, 12.90 Euro for 24 hours (respectively around 8 and 16 US$).

  5. Nick says:

    Wellington NZ has "cafenet" around the city centre and charges a very reasonable NZ$20 for 80Mb unlimited time. Great system and I hope they extend the coverage.



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