Some Sun machines to run Windows

well this was the highlight of my day:

"We're getting off of our religious crusade and we're going to sell people what they want to buy," Larry Singer, Sun senior vice president of global market strategy, told IDG in an interview. Sun "in some cases" should "embrace" Microsoft's software, he added.

Of course, it was followed by: "Sun spokesman Mark Richardson confirmed Singer made the comments. Singer "jumped the gun" and Sun is still considering whether to certify its servers can run with Windows, Richardson said."

I asked a friend of mine at Sun what the internal reaction to this was:

"Falls into 2 camps - the business savvy folk who are excited by it, and the religious zealots who see it as heresy."

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  1. Chris Bowres says:

    Actually, I’m aware of at least one project at a large customer that is running Windows 2003 server on Sun hardware already 🙂

  2. Chris Bowers says:

  3. JohnnyC says:

    Sun is in trouble, and there is no end in site. They really don’t have any direction to go. Embrace Windows? Try to push their unix? Try to ride the Linux bandwagon? Focus on hardware? How about services? There’s 2 camps right now, Linux and Windows. Everything else is on the margins. And the commodity hardware keeps slowly but surely eating away at their higher end stuff. And IBM eats their lunch in services. Sun is on their way to becoming another Novell or Apple.

  4. SUN – Microsoft peace: possible implications

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