coming to NYC Jan 30

As I posted recently, I'll be attending some high-performance computing training at Cornell Theory Centre in NY late Jan and will take a few days afterwards to do some R&R in NYC from Jan 30 - Feb 1. Any NYC locals want to show an Aussie around?

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  1. Tim Marman says:

    Not sure what my schedule would be like, as I’m pretty busy with law school and work, but that might work.

    Your R&R period unfortunately falls "between" restaurant week – 26-30 and 2-6.

    But I’ve been trying to organize dinner and drinks for awhile. Let me know if you would be interested in that.

  2. Cameron says:

    actually, I’ll be arriving in NY around the 23rd, going up to Ithaca on the 26th, will be back in Manhattan on the evening of the 29th. So Jan 23-25, Jan 29-Feb01 would work for me!

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