Slashdotters cheer for MyDoom

This says a lot about the intelligence of some of the folks on Slashdot. Are they having a joke? Perhaps. But cheering on a virus is kind of like cheering on a terrorist.   Via ExtremeTech.


the geekiest shirt of all time

shopping on Broadway today, found a great store called Yellow Rat Bastard and bought a couple of shirts, including this one. Oh mum, you’d be so proud.

The Genesis of OneNote

wow, this is the power of blogging… Chris Pratley talks about how OneNote came about. Great post.

the Blue Screen T-shirt

Warning: A fatal exception has occurred. Source: bkchung


Gene Network Sciences

At Cornell today I chatted with Basudev Chaudhuri who is a Senior Research Scientist in Software Development and Scientific Computing with a Cornell-based company called Gene Network Sciences. GNS “accelerates the drug discovery process by creating dynamic computer models of living cells and next generation data-mining tools for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. GNS combines the power of mathematics,…


BizTalk 2004 rocks Tokyo

A blogger from Japan writes a positive review after attending training on the soon-to-be-released BizTalk Server 2004.

Patterns and Best Practices for Enterprise Integration

This seems like a well-written site dedicated to making the design and implementation of integration solutions easier. WARNING: It’s platform agnostic. 🙂

Do Plants Practice Grid Computing?

According to Nature, plants seem to optimize their ‘breathing’ by conducting simple calculations through a distributed computing scheme. “Plants appear to ‘think’, according to US researchers, who say that green plants engage in a form of problem-solving computation.” Source: