Kazaa tops Yahoo’s search queries for 2003

Cmon Aussie Cmon. Kazaa tops Yahoo's list of 2003 search words. Kazaa is run out of Sydney. Finally, another Australian company (okay so Sharman bought it from the Dutch... so?) gets world recognition for something related to the internet economy. Okay so they are allegedly walking a fine line with respect to their legality, but since when has that ever stopped an Aussie from capturing global headlines? Ned Kelly anyone? Underarm bowling? erm... winning the America's Cup with a yacht funded by someone soon to spend years in jail for fraud?

Another interesting item in this article is that the top news query was for “cloning”. How's that for a zeitgeist?

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  1. Alex Hoffman says:

    Sadly, I think there is little incentive for basing a technology company (here in Australia). Tax rates for small companies are close to double that of Britain, and compare personal tax rates to the USA. Venture capital for ideas remains virtually non-existent, as do real tax incentives for R&D.

    On the other hand… its a nice place to live! 🙂

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